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Bitcoin slots

Slot machines dominate the floor of any casino in Las Vegas. This translated to the online world, and when Bitcoin came around, it took the most popular casino game to another level. Bitcoin slots are especially exciting because they can take the ethos of the cryptocurrency world, make it into a gaming theme and give players unique experiences.

Apart from this, Bitcoin slots integrate the best features that blockchain technology brought to the world of gambling, like provably fair gaming and lightning-quick withdrawals, as well as automatic pay outs in many cases. All these features make this latest iteration of the most popular casino game special, so we have decided to give you a full page with everything you need to know about the best Bitcoin slots.

The Origin of Bitcoin Slots

Slot machines were invented in the late 19th century in California. Ever since, they have evolved from a fully mechanic device, to a highly computerized machine with screens as it dominated casino floors around the globe. Then came online slots, and the machine changed completely. Graphics took over the development of slot games and later the 3-D versions went viral. The stories behind these games are entertaining and powerful, but Bitcoin slots took it to a whole other level.

The mystery of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s real identity and the aura around an alternative decentralized economy has powered some of the most captivating Bitcoin slot games. Satoshi’s Secret slot is probably the most renowned of them all, but there are many more.

Other games have taken a Bitcoin slot approach without adopting the crypto-centric themes. They allow players to play with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, get immediate pay outs and are also provably fair, which is an advantage over any other kind of slot game out there.

Best Bitcoin Slots

With that being said, there are clearly some games that are better than others. We have picked some of the best Bitcoin slots out for you to try out. Many of these slots offer unique features that award you more free spins on bonus rounds or incredibly generous jackpots.

Within the selection, there is a large selection of slot types with different themes and appealing graphics from comic characters to dragons to sports. Pick one from the list below and play for free to try them out:

bitcoin slots
btc slot
bitcoin slot

How do Bitcoin Slots Compare to Traditional Slots?

Some players who start spinning on Bitcoin slots like the ones on the list above, cannot go back to the physical slot machines at casinos anymore. Others keep on looking for those games that evoke the feel of traditional slot machines. Some Bitcoin slots have a great mixture of both: an incredibly futuristic outlook together with the feel of a traditional slot machine.

Nevertheless, when it comes to technology and advantages that protect the player like provably fair gaming features, Bitcoin slots are superior to any other slot machine out there, even other online slot games that do not offer these advantages. In fact, provably fair Bitcoin slots have changed the landscape so much, that players are now demanding these provably fair features on every online casino game they play.

Types of Bitcoin Slots

These gaming features, coupled with the sheer popularity of slots, have brought these features to the most iconic classic games. There is a whole line of classic Bitcoin slots that feature those vintage symbols, like 7’s, Bar symbols and cherries. Regardless of which kind of theme you are looking for, Bitcoin slots are basically divided into 2 basic categories: Straight and progressive slots. Here is how that distinction affects the game:

  • Straight
    With a fixed set of winnings, you will always know what you get based on how much you bet and which numbers you hit!
  • Progressive
    These are a popular type of Bitcoin slot machine because of the fact that each time a person plays, the jackpot rises. When a progressive set of machines are connected, the maximum winnings can truly add up to a substantial amount! Once a player hits a jackpot, the amount drops back to a much lower starting point where it will continue to be built up again.

    Bitcoin slots are especially well-geared to provide incredible progressive jackpots, both because they offer BTC-denominated jackpots which can rise in terms of fiat prices after you win. And because their online aspect together with the provably fair component make it easy to connect players playing across the globe in a way that everyone can independently verify the randomness of the outcome after every single spin.

Other Bitcoin Slot Features

There are other features that Bitcoin slots offer, which were taken from traditional online slots. Here are some of them:

  • Multiplier
    Bitcoin slots have multipliers applied to them on spins sometimes. The multipliers allow you to hit a bigger win on specific spins.

    For example, if there is a 5x multiplier, when you win, the number of coins you bet on that turn will determine how much your winnings are multiplied by. If you won 20, but bet 5, then 5*20=100 and so 100 would be your winnings.
  • Multiple Pay Lines
    Bitcoin slots offer multiple pay lines, like most traditional online slots. Starting usually from 5-pay lines, they can go up to 50 or more, providing more opportunities for people to score huge wins.
  • Buy-a-play
    These are a bit more complicated and generally vary from slot machine to slot machine. The number of lines and the number of coins will change and determine the amount won.
  • Free & Paid Bitcoin Slots
    Another feature that Bitcoin slots and other online slots offer, is the opportunity to play for free. This allows players to figure out the details of the game before they put money on the line and helps them come up with a winning strategy. Free Bitcoin slots are featured in almost as many places as paid versions are.

Bitcoin Slot Terminology

The final piece you need to understand how to play on Bitcoin slots, is to learn the terminology. Here are some terms that are frequently used in the space:

  • Coin Size
    This is a phrase used to describe the amount of your bet. If, for example, you are betting ten Satoshis on a spin, then the coin size for that bet is a dime.
  • Hit
    This is simply a term used to describe whenever you win on any Bitcoin slot machine.
  • Max
    When you refer to max, or frequently called max bet, this is the highest limit you can put on a single spin on a Bitcoin slot.
  • Pay-Line
    This is the line, or lines, that determine where the symbols should line up to win on your machine.
  • Pay Table
    This is a chart that explains how much money you will win for various combinations on that Bitcoin slot machine. Make sure to study these as they will vary from game to game!
  • Reels
    These are the wheels on your slot machines that spin. They either contain numbers, symbols, or even images.
  • Wild
    The Wild, or Wild symbol, is simply something that is on your machine that can be substituted in place of any other symbol – often excluding the scatter – to complete a line and give you a win. Some of the wild symbols come together with multipliers.
  • Scatter
    This is a symbol that often times allows you to get Free Spins whenever you get 3 or ore of them on the reels after a spin.

Are Bitcoin Slots Legal?

After you have learned everything there is to know about Bitcoin slots, you might be asking yourself whether they are legal or not. Bitcoin’s legal status depends on the country or territory you are playing from, but generally speaking, if there is a casino that is licensed, then playing Bitcoin slots at it will always be legal, provided you play within the jurisdictions that the license allows the casino to operate in.

In some cases, Bitcoin slot games are not regulated at all, because Bitcoin itself cannot be regulated, but here at BetChain you have nothing to worry about because we have a license to operate and we comply with the legal requirements to allow you to play legally within the jurisdictions we have a license for.

Conclusion: The Best About Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots were an obvious and necessary evolution for the gambling world and have truly added a new layer of excitement, convenience and helpful technological advancements for players. With the option to play both free and paid versions either at home or on the go, users can enjoy Bitcoin slots in their spare time, knowing that they are playing a provably fair game.

Like real slots, the best Bitcoin slots feature a multitude of styles and features. Video slots and 3-D slots have boosted player experience. Additionally, the mobile application movement gets Bitcoin slots more exposure in terms of play time, contributing for example, to the size of progressive jackpots. Overall Bitcoin slots are a fun and exciting option.

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