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Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games thanks to its excitment and simplicity and now Bitoin roulette is also one of the most popular Bitcoin casino games.

Some of the benefits of using Bitcoin include anonymous accounts, swift transactions, and low cost payments.

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Bitcoin Roulette Equipment and Features

Roulette is played on a long table with a spinning wheel on one end while the main layout is covered with columned boxes containing numbers 1 through 36. Surrounding these boxed numbers are black and red rectangles or ovals. The numbers 1 through 3 are closest to the dealer and just above them 0 and 00 can be found with green backgrounds. These numbers all represent inside bets.

Outside these boxes are additional boxes with numbers 1 through 18. These are used for outside bets and are laid out on the part of the table across the dealer. The wheel is spun by the dealer and a small white ball is released in the opposite direction on top of the spinning wheel. With the speed of the ball decreasing, it will settle into one of the numbered slots marked 1 through 38.

Casino Roulette Chips

Normal casino chips aren’t used as this game. Instead each player will receive chips with a distinctive color. This will help the dealer to link each player with the color of their chip. Two players are not allowed to use the same colored chips and bystanders are not allowed to sit at the table. The players are also at liberty to choose the denomination of the chips, in other words how much one chip is worth.

Seeing as there are no digits on the chips the dealer has a special rail where he places each color of the chips being played. On the chips he puts a marker which indicates the worth for that specific game. In turn all cash-outs should be done at the table because the chips have no value and won’t be accepted by the casino cashiers. Regular casino chips will be returned to the player in this exchange.

Bitcoin Roulette Rules

After the losing and winning bets have been cleared from the table following the previous game, play can begin. The players get a chance to place their bets before the dealer starts to spin the wheel, but they can still add more if the ball is still at the top part of the wheel. When the ball moves onto the numbered slots area the dealer will announce that no more bets are allowed.

After the ball finally settles on a specific number the dealer will place a marker on the table which corresponds with the winning number. All the losing bets will be cleared and those placed on the winning number, or combinations thereof, will receive a payout. When the dealer has paid the relevant winners the next game can begin and bets can be placed.

Casino Roulette Variations

There are several types of roulette each with its own slight difference. The most popular ones are:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette

Another popular version of the game is multiplayer roulette where you can play with other players in real time.

american roulette with bitcoins

American Roulette

french roulette with bitcoins

French Roulette

european roulette with bitcoins

European Roulette

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Betting in Bitcoin Roulette

The amount of chips a player can bet depends on two main betting systems, namely inside and outside bets. Typically there will be a minimum and maximum bet that can be placed on either the inside or outside. Inside bets will have a lower maximum because the payout is significantly more although the odds remain the same.

In regards to the minimum bets, inside and outside should be the same, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing. For example, if the inside bet has a minimum of $10 the player is allowed to spread it across the table. In other words $2 can be placed on one number, $3 on another and so on until it totals $10. Placing an outside bet means the whole amount can only be linked to one number.

Needless to say the size of the table will make it hard to reach certain spots to make a bet. The player should ask the dealer to place the chips on the appropriate spot if he/she is unable to do so.

Outside Bets

The 36 numbers are equally divided into red and black backgrounds. If a bet is placed on red then a payoff will be received if the ball lands on any red number. Betting on black will have the same result. In case a winning red or black bet was placed then the player will win what is called even money. This means the player gets to keep the original bet along with getting additional money equaling the bet.

The other option for winning even money is betting that either an odd or even number will be chosen. Betting on whether any number 1 through 18 or 19 through 36 is landed on can also secure an even win.

Mentioned earlier were 0 and 00. These are completely void of color or numbers and it’s the way in which the house gets their edge. When the ball lands on either of these then all outside and even bets are lost.

Even though roulette might not be as popular in the States, it’s not the same case in Europe. A French wheel consists of only 0 and not the added 00. In conjunction even bets aren’t lost but rather kept on the same spot for the next round. This gives the player a chance to get the bet back. If the next round should result in another 0, then the player loses the bet. The house edge on a French table is 2.7 percent, but in America these wheels are hard to come by.

Placing bets in dozens (first 12, second 12 and third 12) creates 2 - 1 odds, meaning double the bet can be won. Column bets can also be placed for the same odds. Seeing as the numbers are arranged in 3 columns and 12 rows (1,2,3 and 4,5,6 etc.) a bet can be represent a complete column of 12 numbers.

Inside Bets

This is where the big money comes into play. Betting on an individual number has odds of 35 - 1. Although the actual odds are 37 - 1, the singular number can include 0 and 00. In order to make this bet the chips have to be placed completely inside the numbered box and not on the lines.

The Split wager that consists of 17 - 1 odds can be placed on the line splitting the two chosen numbers.

A street bet is the opposite of a column bet. Instead the row is utilized and sets the odds at 11 - 1. Placing this bet is done by putting the chips on the line separating the outside and inside bets in line with 3 consecutive numbers.

Where a horizontal and vertical line crosses, chips can be placed to include 4 numbers which are linked at the middle. This is known as a corner bet and pays 8 - 1.

The bet with the worst chance of winning is called Five-numbers. The reason for calling it the worst bet is because the house edge gets raised from 5.6 percent to 7.89. Placing a chip on the line separating the inside and outside while covering the horizontal line of 0 - 00 and 1 - 2 - 3 is the only spot for this bet and it pays 6 - 1.

Double street works on the same principal but can be placed on any other two rows as long as it covers the correct horizontal and separating line with a payout of 5 - 1.

It is recommended to keep an eye on the payoffs. If an inside bet resulted in a win the dealer will push the payout towards the winner but won’t touch the original bet. It’s the responsibility of the player to remove all winnings and bets from the table once the payout is received. In case the bet is not removed the dealer will accept it for the next round. The same goes for outside bets. The dealer will typically place the winnings next to the original bet and leave it there.

There is no denying that roulette remains a game of chance. Extreme cases do exist, but they are few and far between. A strategy for a fail-safe win is non-existent and playing the game takes little or no skill. The result is either a win or a loss which cannot be predicted. Rare exceptions like the dealer getting into a routine of releasing the ball at the same time and velocity can be spotted by certain individuals, but even this doesn’t ensure a win. The best a player can hope for is an educated guess and the margin between the two remains slim.

In other rare cases a wheel dysfunction can lead to particular numbers showing up regularly. This can be due to a balance defect or worn out tracks that lead to the numbered slots. Spotting a dysfunction on the other hand is more difficult because it’s not uncommon for the same number to show up twice within a few turns. Casinos in general make it a priority matter to ensure the equipment is working perfectly, especially if it’s going to cost them money.

Attempts to outsmart the game have been developed over the years in the form of betting systems. The idea to follow these systems has never really proved to be a profitable choice; nevertheless they are still tried across many casinos. Keep in mind betting systems can have detrimental consequences and not knowing where to stop tends to become a problem.

The latest trend to hit casinos is digital displays. These show the last couple of winning numbers, usually 18 rounds worth of results. Players like to use the statistics, for instances betting on numbers that have shown up more than once. They even like to use the last couple of winning numbers in the hope the wheel might be defective. For some it’s a matter of mimicking the winners at the table and placing the same bets.

Betting Systems in Bitcoin Casino Roulette

When a player doubles his/her bet after losing it is called Martingale. The concept is aimed towards even bets and follows the principal of “heads and tails” so-to-speak. In theory when a coin is tossed and lands on heads the chance of tails coming up the second time is greater. Unfortunately that is where it stays, a theory. The player hopes the chance of winning increases with every loss. As there is a maximum bet for the table, the risk is dramatically increased if doubling-up reaches this point. In turn the player loses a huge amount of money instead of making a small profit and regaining the initial bet.

As if the latter system isn’t risky enough, some players opt for Grand Martingale. Rather than just doubling the loss they add more. This is probably one of the quickest ways to lose money at a roulette table.

This concept is also used in combining color and number. In this instance separate bets are made on red and an odd number (or black and an even number). According to the player and the above mentioned theory, chances to win are now elevated with 25 percent. The only problem with predicting the sequence is the unpredictable part. The whole operation is like playing the lottery. A probability that the ball can land on black 20 times in a row also exists and the chances to double-up will end once the maximum level is reached.

The Column strategy is known to keep a player in the game for longer, but doesn’t show long-term results. Three bets are placed, 2 pieces on the first column and 2 on the third column along with 2 pieces on black. This covers most of the red numbers except for those in the middle and the 0. Seeing as there are only 4 red numbers in the middle, the results can go as follows.

  • Red number in either of the columns will break even
  • Red number in the middle column is a loss of 6 pieces
  • Black in the middle column is a loss of 2 pieces
  • Black on either the 1st or 3rd column wins 4 pieces

The fact that the chances of loss are higher than winning should indicate this is not a great way to play.

Mathematical genius Albert Einstein conducted his own experiment on whether a winning sequence can be developed for roulette. He was quoted saying that the only sure way to win is to steal money from the dealer when he isn’t looking. Be warned that there are many scams out there claiming to own special ways of beating the house. As of yet no such system has been able to consistently win at this game.

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