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The biggest challenge of any online casino has always been to make its players experience the thrill of being right there at the table with the dealer. Well, technology also made that possible. Just like bitcoin payments and blockchain technology opened a whole new world of gaming features like provably fair gaming, live dealers streaming while they play with you, took the online casino experience to another level. Now BetChain is combining both to bring you the ultimate live dealer Bitcoin online casino experience! Do what no one can: play with a live dealer – a real human in the flesh! – and use bitcoin to do so!

The Bitcoin Live Dealer Online Casino

Live Dealer Blackjack

No brick and mortar casino can even get close to this incredible experience! The bitcoin live dealer online casino experience is the pinnacle of gaming technology, and BetChain has several options
for you to enjoy it. Pick your favorite live dealer game from your favorite provider, and start feeling the thrill of every spin made
and every card dealt.

Our Live Dealer Providers

The first step to pick your favorite live dealer game is to choose your favorite live dealer provider. Here at BetChain, we have 2 options for you:

Our Favorite Live Dealer Games

All these providers have incredible live dealer tables in several languages for you. With so many options to choose from, you might want us to recommend one. That is why our staff here at BetChain put this brief list of live dealer games together for you. Take a look:

  • Blackjack by Netent
  • Keno by Ezugi Games
  • Baccarat by Ezugi Games

live dealer baccarat

Live Dealer Baccarat

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Jackpots on Live Dealer Games

Now that you picked your favorite live dealer game, you want to know which has the best jackpot prospects. After all, we are in the business of winning! And this is the beauty of live dealer games: they work exactly like the traditional table games work on the casino floor, which means prize money is as big as the number and size of bets placed on the table. The twist is that these tables are taking bets simultaneously form various places around the world. This means the prizes are often bigger than at brick and mortar casinos!

What comes after Live Dealer Games?

Technology made it possible for you to get huge wins on bets placed all around the world, using bitcoin, while you enjoy the brick and mortar casino experience with live dealer games. Isn’t that amazing? Well, that might be the pinnacle of technology right now, and you can enjoy it all right here at BetChain, but the future looks even better!

Picture yourself playing on huge bitcoin prize pools on live dealer games while you enjoy the game on your own virtual reality set. There is even a possibility that you will be able to enjoy all the live dealer games on holographic games! The future is bright and technology will make your live dealer gaming experience even more thrilling. BetChain will make sure you are the first to enjoy the latest, so stay tuned and in the meanwhile, take those live dealer games for a spin and win big!

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