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Minesweeper Online


Minesweeper is a one-person game with the objective to clear the board without detonating any mines.

How to Play Minesweeper Online

Each player starts out with a blank grid, the size of the grid can be determined by the player beforehand.
In this incredible version of 3D Minesweeper, the player is placed in a minefield and walks through it row by row. In each row the player must choose a square by clicking it, if it is not a mine he can choose to progress to the next row, or take the prize money until that point. If the player moves on to the next row, he once again chooses a square, if he hits a mine, he loses all winnings until that point and the original wager, if he does not, he can procede. The game continues as such, and the longer you play, the bigger the payout.

Free Minesweeper Online

Hitting a mine

Free Minesweeper Online

Looking for mines

History of the Game Minesweep Online

Minesweeper has been in the games-space since the 1960’s. While it hasn’t always been called “minesweeper” there have been many different variations of the game such as Mined-Out, Yomp, Cube, and Relentless-Logic (RLogic).The games are similar to minesweeper, but have some differences.

Traditionally, the game was played by clicking squares to reveal them, to see if it’s a mine or a clue. Revealing a mine automatically ends the game and the player loses; however if a number or a blank square is revealed, the game continues. A blank square indicating that there are no adjacent mines, and a number indicating the specific amount of adjacent mines.

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